Foods That A Naturopathy Doctor Would Stock Up On

Some foods are very healthy not to mention easy to prepare and make for a fast meal. It is these ingredients that will provide you the wherewithal to put together a quick meal simply and without giving up on taste or health. You too can enjoy good health by ensuring that these products are found in your cupboard.

Eggs: These are not only versatile in the way they are cooked but also filling. What is more, the whites of eggs are full of protein and yolks have many vitamins like A, E, and D that are fat-soluble. Moreover, if you do not have the time to have eggs for breakfast, then you can always have them for lunch or dinner.

Green vegetables: Vegetables like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, spinach, kale, etc are pretty good for you and are also easy to prepare in many ways. A dash of garlic and a bit of lemon in the cooking process can transform these vegetables into something tasty.

Garlic: This list would not be complete without garlic, it is good for several things like heart health, prevention of colds, etc and all you need to do is add a clove to your food daily. You can add garlic to vegetables while cooking or even salad. Combined with olive oil and other ingredients, garlic works very well as a salad dressing.

Almond and Coconut milk: These make good substitutes for milk and additionally they come with fortified calcium to make up for any lack if you fear the same. You can get the ones that are not sweetened for maximum health benefits. Add to smoothies, drinks or even to gravies to add a rich touch.

Sweet Potatoes: Instead of their white cousins go for these as they are richer in nutrition. Moreover, they tend to be richer in terms of flavor when compared to the white potato. Bake then the healthy way for a nice snack or eat them mashed without the dollops of butter and cream. Sweet potatoes are not only more fibrous but also have vitamins A, C and B6.

Coconut Water: This drink is natural and healthy and very useful for replacing the electrolytes that you lose while sweating, the loss of which can give you a headache or make you feel dizzy if not taken care of. This is a nice drink that tastes really good when you have it cold. lentils and beans

Lentils and Beans: These are choc a block with proteins, fibers but without the fats that other forms of proteins tend to have. It is recommended that everyone should have 35 grams of fiber, eating lentils and beans is a good way to add to that. You can use these in salads, soups or even have them with vegetables.

Fresh herbs: Most people believe that the healthier the food the blander it tastes and one of the best ways to beat that in a healthy manner is with the addition of herbs. The best part is not only herbs make bland food taste better but they also up the nutrition quotient. Keep experimenting or do some research to find out what herbs can be used in combination with what foods.

Quinoa: This is a super grain that is a complete protein and has all the essential amino acids that are needed in our diets. You can cook quinoa as you would rice and this means it is quick to make. You can work on the flavor base using many things like different stocks and other things.

Lemon: A bit of lemon into your water can make you feel better drinking loads of it by adding zing and vitamin C is just another bonus. It is also good for making your greens look greener than green while being cooked, reduce the bitterness and also add to the flavor.

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