10 Health Benefits of Eating Shrimp

This article is all about an interesting food Shrimp. Shrimp is said as a very interesting food because it contains a lot of protein, cholesterols but a very negligible amount of calories. So always it can be a great diet option for the people tending to lose their fat and become slim and fit. As it doesn’t contain a lot of calories so as a result, it will help you to prevent your body from growing extra fat. According to medical research 100gms of shrimp contains 106 kcal of calories, which is a very negligible amount. Again it also has a lot of health benefits and helps in body nutrition as it is a complete protein food and the amino acid level present in shrimp helps in the growth of muscles. There are also some major benefits one gets by consuming shrimp, we will be discussing those health benefits with you all.

Health Benefits of Shrimp:

A. Increase Bone Strength:
In this matter shrimp is a very beneficial food. Shrimp contains a lot of calcium and phosphorus in the body. Actually Calcium and Phosphorus, these two great substance works together to improve your bone strength. And the ‘Glucosamine’ present in the shell of Shrimp helps in ailing joint pain by creation of cartilage.

B. Controls Fat Growth:
Vitamin B3 or Niacin present in the body of shrimp helps in controlling the growth of extra fats in the human body by processing carbohydrates, fats, and protein into the energy of the body. Vitamin B3 also serves to treat skin problems.

C. Makes Thyroid Gland Healthier:
Thyroid a very important gland in our body as it controls the body metabolism by secreting hormones. Shrimp contains some amount of copper which helps the thyroid gland to remain active and increase the body metabolism rate.

D. Healthy Prostate:
Prostate gland needs an amount of Zinc level in the body to stay healthy. The level amounts to 10-15 mg per day. Eating Shrimp regularly can fulfill the required amount and keep your prostate duct healthy.

E. Cancer Prevention:
Shrimp remains an ideal food for the prevention of cancer. According to medical science, a substance called selenium can prevent cancer in the human body. And Shrimp contains the required amount of Selenium in it. 100 Gms of boiled shrimp can meet 50% of selenium needs of the body.

F. Increases energy:
If you are suffering from fatigue, shrimp is a great food option for you. Shrimp contains one of the major elements of energy formation that is Iron. It almost meets the required amount of the whole body and takes you out from fatigue. Although it doesn’t contains calories so excessive amount of energy can’t be obtained.

G. Controls Blood Sugar Levels:
Shrimp contains Magnesium which is an essential element in controlling Type 2 diabetes. Actually Shrimp is said as a good source of magnesium.

H. Keeps Skin and Hair Healthy:
Skin and Hair needs a lot of protein to remain healthy and for that, a man or a woman needs a lot of protein intake. So here shrimp is a great option as shrimp is very rich in protein. Although shrimp is not rich in calorie it is rich in protein and other minerals so it meets almost all the dietary needs.

I. Improves RBC Growth:
Shrimp is very rich in vitamin B12 which is a great support in the formation of RBC in blood. It also helps in the development of DNA in cells. As a result the RBC count increases in blood so the chances of getting Anemia decrease.

J. Increases Brain Power:
Shrimp, just like other fishes contains fatty acids and omega -3. These amalgamates together to develop the brain cells which results in the increase of brain power.

Apart from all these advantages, shrimp also have some disadvantages. Shrimp is very rich in Sodium and Cholesterol. Excess amounts of sodium and cholesterols can lead to Cardio-vascular diseases. Sodium also sometimes results in an increase in blood pressure levels. So you should be quiet careful about excessive intake of shrimp.

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